Elected Officials and Candidates



U.S. Senator                                                     
Tom Harkin                                                     
Official: 515-284-4574                                     






State Attorney General                           State Treasurer
Tom Miller                                               Michael Fitzgerald
515-281-5164                                          515-281-5368

http://www.iowaattorneygeneral.org   http://www.treasurer.state.ia.us



The Iowa Legislature - http://www.legis.iowa.gov


State Senate  515-281-3371



State Senator District 15                                State Senator District 16
Dennis Black                                                  Dick Dearden
Dennis's Official Website                              Dick's Official Website  


State Senator District 17                                 State Senator District 21
Jack Hatch                                                        Matt McCoy 
Jack's Official Website                                    Matt's Official Website

State Senator District 18                      
Janet Petersen                              
Janet's Official Website                         


State House  515-281-3221



State Representative Dist 35                          State Representative Dist 36
Ako Abdul-Samad                                            Marti Anderson
Ako's Official Website                                    Marti's Official Website



State Representative Dist 40                          State Representative Dist 32
John Forbes                                               Ruth Ann Gaines
John's Official Website                                   Ruth Ann's Official Website


State Representative Dist 34                          House Minority Leader Dist 33
Bruce Hunter                                                   Kevin McCarthy
Bruce's Official Website                                 Kevin's Official Website



State Representative Dist 41                           State Representative Dist 31
Jo Oldson                                                          Rick Olson
Jo's Official Website                                        Rick's Official Website



State Representative Dist 30                        
Joe Riding                                  
Joe's Official Website





Polk County Auditor                                       Polk County Recorder
Jamie Fitzgerald                                               Julie Haggerty
Jamie's Official Website                                 Julie's Official Website



Polk County Treasurer                                   Polk County Sheriff
Mary Maloney                                                  Bill McCarthy
Mary's Official Website                                 Bill's Official Website


Polk County Attorney                                    Polk County Supervisor
John Sarcone                                                     Angela Connolly
John's Official Website                                  Angela's Official Website


Polk County Supervisor                                 Polk County Supervisor
Tom Hockensmith                                           John Mauro
Tom's Official Website                                   John's Official Website



Issue Talking Points

The key to a grassroots campaign is one on one discussion with family, friends and neighbors to make sure people are aware of why they should support our candidates and elected officials.  We will occasionally provide talking points on current issues to help you do this and encourage everyone to read these and spread the message.

Election Resources

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